Business brochure design and sales aid creative

We can help you engage your potential customers and deliver a better brand impression.

Effective brochures and sales aids:

  • have a single primary message
  • include a balance of inspirational and informational content
  • positively disturb
  • communicate the emotional
  • carry empathetic messages
  • have a journey narrative

We can help you create something both effective and to be proud of.

Why hire us?

We do more than just make your marketing look good. We can help explore and craft your values into a polished message, refine complex ideas down to an easy-to-follow format – one your audience can understand, engage with and respond to.

We combine that message with clean, compelling visuals which further help convey your message.

What you can expect from us

3 Designs

Our creative team interpret your requirement and give you a minimum of 3 different design visuals. Choose the one that it most closely fits your strategy and audience.

Custom creative

Templates are not enough these days. People are sophisticated, discerning. We design custom brand graphics, infographics and dedicated, professional layouts.

Copy that Connects

Copywriting is a way to connect your customer with your brand without them meeting your sales team face to face. Our copywriting specialists write text that is focused and engaging.

Some of our features

  • Established 1992
  • Detailed quotes in advance
  • A collaborative online system
  • You can talk directly with our designers
  • Location or studio shoots (if required)
  • Library image licensing (if required)
  • 10,000 Projects completed
  • Copywriting and proofreading
  • Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator standard
  • Colour proofing and printing
  • Copyright transfer to you
  • Version control

Our Portfolio

A brochure design for GE Sondex - folder with pocket and inserts

An example of brochure design: Friends Stewardship

FPI Optus Brochure


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