Photoshop for an international campaign

This is an overview of the steps we took to edit the final image for use on print and digital marketing material for the Friends Provident International (HK audience).

Step 1:

There’s great composition in the original shot (shown below). It has the potential to do exactly what our design team are seeking to achieve, but at present, the image is a little flat and lifeless. We are going to fix that.


Step 2:

We need to extend the sky. The image is dropping in to a space in InDesign which has specific dimensions and we don’t want to lose the composition.


Step 3:

A broad adjustment of brightness and contrast. This one adjustment will fix 80% the issues with the shot and bring it to life. But the road and most areas below the walkways are now too hot – to the point that it’s tricky to look at anything else but the ground.


Step 4:

Cool it down. That’s better… the attention is back on the journey.


Step 5:

Bring up the lights. This involved cutting masks for the walkways and supporting pillars and separately adjusting the central window area.


Step 6:

Finally, we add a little polish and sparkle to the walkways and buildings in the background.


Thanks for reading.

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