What is AMP now that Google are welcoming it

AMP is an open source project started as the result of discussions between publishers and technology companies seeking an improved mobile web experience. By improved, they mean making mobile pages load instantly rather than dynamic functionality – “An architectural framework built for speed”

The project reviewed the causes behind a slow mobile experience – namely javascript and 2G, 3G connections – and simply cut down on allowed technologies,and implemented a set of strict best practices for building html pages. The intent of the project is clear – “make static content on the web fast”. With this in mind they made the tough decision that their standard AMP HTML documents would not include any author-written JavaScript, nor any third-party scripts. So that also includes the JS analytics/trackers, which aren’t permitted.

An architectural framework built for speed

Google have welcomed the project in principle (but are not partners as far as we can tell) and stated that they will cache APM pages, further enhancing the delivery and rendering of APM content on mobiles. WordPress are also onboard, but details remain limited so far.

At this stage APM appears to compete with Facebook’s Instant Articles, offering massive enhancements to the instant rendering of mobile content. But in terms of a technology replacement for mobile apps, that’s not it’s goal. It doesn’t support js so focuses on static rather than dynamic content.

In summary, for sites based on static html APM will have a place but doesn’t look practice dynamic sites given the massive dependence on js based code libraries and self authored markup, however the WordPress/Automatic early support and the release of an AMP plugin from Automatic that generates AMP versions here indicates that blogs may provide opportunity for support in the future, primarily for SEO advantages.
We will continue to monitor and let you know as things develop.


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